Klein Statement on Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Office of Congressman Ron Klein
Florida’s 22nd Congressional District                  May 19, 2009

Klein Statement on Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Washington, D.C.Congressman Ron Klein (FL-22) this morning joined other Members of Congress in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After the conclusion of the meeting, Klein released the following statement.

 “This morning’s meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu was extremely productive. I commend the prime minister for his pragmatism in dealing with the many issues facing both the United States and Israel. 

 “I was grateful to hear about the important meeting that took place yesterday at the White House.  It was clear that the prime minister and President Obama are on the same page as they move forward on action on Iran and talks with the Palestinians.  This reinforces the unbreakable bond that the United States and Israel share.

 “My personal impression from our meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu is that he understands the importance of this moment in time.  His comments indicated that he sees the opportunities that lay ahead for the security of the state of Israel.  From the anecdotes that he shared with us—from his historic meeting at Wye River to his growing conversations with President Obama— it was apparent to me the he understands both the potential pitfalls and successes in the negotiation process. 

 “Much of our discussion focused on the unacceptable threat of a nuclear Iran, and the Prime Minister joined with Congress in an absolute commitment to prevent that nightmare scenario from becoming a reality.  He underscored the effectiveness of crippling sanctions on Iran, which reaffirmed my commitment to helping take the lead on this issue.  I will work to ensure that any dialogue is accompanied by a strong message that new, meaningful Iranian sanctions will be implemented if that dialogue isn’t successful.

 “Israel is our closest friend and partner, and only by working side-by-side with them will we make progress towards a safe and stable Middle East.  I look forward to continuing to work with Prime Minister Netanyahu in the months and years ahead.”


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